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A mountain bike is built to take on the toughest single track trails, jeep roads and fire runs. They are designed to be tough yet still be incredibly nimble and easy to maneuver. They have a frame geometry that is different from a road bike that puts the rider more upright giving them a better view of the trail and providing greater control over the bike.

A mountain bike typically has front suspension, and often has rear suspension as well to give the rider a much smoother ride over bumpy terrain. This is not just for comfort, but actually gives the biker more control as they are not jarred and constantly fighting against bumps to retain control of the bike. There are many different features and systems of suspension for everything from cross country riders to downhill maniacs.

A mountain bike can be found at large sport stores as well as many bike shops and retailers located in almost every town and city in the world. It is important to do a little bit of research before purchasing as there are a wide variety of different bikes that are designed for certain needs from hardcore racing to weekend warriors. From BMX bikes to racing bikes, or even bike should know before you purchase.